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In Chinese mythology, the dragon is a mythical creature capable of controlling wind and rain, symbolizing the essence of good fortune. The dragon year is considered the most auspicious and prosperous year. In Japan, the dragon is also revered as a water deity, similar to the Chinese dragon, symbolizing favorable weather for the coming year.

In anticipation of the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year in 2024, a new "CNY" (Chinese New Year) series has been specially crafted. Drawing inspiration from "Ryū Odori," the design incorporates elements such as the Daruma doll for making wishes, the Japanese kanji for "dragon" as a limited edition, and the phrase "Year Of The Dragon For Fortune Living." The red and gold colors on the Daruma represent warding off evil and increasing prosperity, intertwining with early cherry blossoms and the divine dragon, symbolizing a vibrant and promising future.

Inspiration from "Ryū Odori
Daruma doll for making wishes
Symbolizing the most auspicious and prosperous year
Dragon - Mythical creature capable of controlling wind and rain
Red and gold color of daruma which represents warding off evil and increasing prosperity

In a limited quantity of 400 pieces, this weighty selvedge denim jacket is cut for a relax fit, featuring 3D embroidery of dragon - a deity symbol of strength, wisdom and protection - as well as auspicious icons of Daruma, coins and cherry blossoms to celebrate a prosperous new year


In a limited quantity of 500 pairs, this pair weighty selvedge denim jeans is tailored for a regular fit, featuring 3D embroidery of Daicock in allover pattern of dragon


To channel the festive spirit, red boxer shorts are decorated with a gold foil Daicock in allover Ukiyo-e style painting of navy dragon, flame and Chrysanthemum at the back, while the front print pocket comes with its classic seagull.
For the black boxer shorts, a gold foil print of Kamon and a seagull in a pocket-style print add a touch of elegance. The back features a gold foil printed EVISU logo and an intricate allover Ukiyo-e style painting.


The luxurious gift box

Each pair of denim jeans and denim jacket is presented in grand packaging and features a wooden box that is adorned with brand elements such as embossed gold coin patterns and laser-engraved EVISU logos, which symbolizes prosperity and wealth. The copper coin pattern, a symbol of wealth and good fortune in Japan, complements the gold foil-textured logo and hardware, showcasing the luxurious feel of the products.

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