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How To Take Care Of Your EVISU Jeans
The real denim connoisseur prefers to wear a pair of jeans every day for 4-6 months without washing them to allow the unique caste and patina of the denim to reveal itself. Washing ‘fixes’ this by spreading the dye throughout the fibers, after this time you may wash your jeans in warm water as infrequently as hygienically possible! We advise you not to use soaps and detergents on your raw EVISU jeans but you certainly won’t damage them if you do. Other denim-heads prefer to just soak out the excess indigo and starch in warm water from new. This soaking method will strengthen and deepen the raw denim as the fabric shrinks slightly tightening the weave and actually deepening the indigo as it bleeds into the fabric.
All raw denim can transfer indigo so we recommend you avoid light-colour furnishing fabrics and wash your jeans separately for the first few times, avoid bleach detergents and wash inside-out for best preservation. Line or flat-drying is preferable to tumble-drying, which can cause ‘flaming’ or uneven streaky lines in the fabric as well as undue shrinkage.
In order to preserve the dark indigo colour of raw denim for as long as possible the denim can be dry-cleaned instead of washing, we recommend that you follow the below suggestions for your own unique worn-in denim:
Sanforized Denim (No2, No3, No4, No13).
You should allow for 1”to 1½” shrinkage in the waist and 1½” to 2” in the leg length with washing. This can be reduced with washing in cool water and you will get the most shrinkage if you wash your jeans in very hot water or if you tumble dry them. The waist will usually stretch out again to the original measurements after wearing but the leg length will not normally return. We will therefore only carry out length alterations on jeans which have already been washed.
Unsanforized Denim (No1 SPECIAL).
This fabric has not been pre-shrunk, so you should allow 2½” to 3” shrinkage in the waist, and up to 4” shrinkage in the leg length. However, please note EVISU Heritage jeans made from No1 SPECIAL denim have been cut to allow for this shrinkage so you should buy your normal sanforized size. Unsanforized jeans should be washed or soaked before wearing to get rid of the initial shrinkage, after the first wash or soak they will not stretch out with wear.
Washed Denim (Faded or worn effect)
This fabric has already been washed and will not shrink with further washing. Equally washed denim will not improve particularly with wear, so it can be washed with impunity.
Hand Painted Jeans
(Hand painted by EVISU paint-writers in our shops or on tour). Hand painting the pockets of EVISU jeans was pioneered by our founder Yamane-san in the late 80s and is unique to EVISU. We use artisan water-based paints and due to their nature the painted pockets will gradually fade, the paint will crack with washing and with wear. This is a desirable effect of hand-painted denim, which cannot be duplicated by standard industrial techniques, and will add to the uniquely personal patina of your jeans. 


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