EVISU 2019 Year of Jihai Limited Edition

Having the traditional Japanese cultural background as the design concept, the most popular 2017 denim shape is picked as the canvas of the special edition, delicately decorated by the iron-printed signature Daicock at the back and matched with fierce wild boars embroidered on the sides, perfectly signifies the blessing of having a brave and energetic year ahead in the most fashionable way.

In Japan, it is more accurate to interpret Year of the Pig as Year of the Wild Boar since the word “pig” refers to wild boars in traditional Japanese culture while domestic pigs are called “buta”. Wild boars symbolize liveliness and health. It also represents the courage to go after one’s goal without fear according to the Japanese idiom – “豬突猛進”.

The Year of the Pig Special Edition Denim this year with only 500 pieces available worldwide. Apart from the unique serial number printed on the leather patch label as well as the left pocket of each pair of denim, a glamorous golden selvedge is specially created to add the final touch to the raw denim fabrics.

The coolest limited-edition fashion must-have of the year, gracefully placed in a specially crafted wooden giftbox – a prefect year-of-fate gift for yourself or another art piece to enrich your precious collection.