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Rules Over the Street in EVISU SS22 Collection

The collaboration between Japanese streetwear label EVISU and Wang Yi Bo has inspired streetwear aficionados in their own pursuits. This year, the global ambassador keeps on growing and transforming with EVISU, pushing further ahead to tap into new fashion frontier with EVISU SS22 Collection as a canvas for streetwear lovers to create their own statements.


Inspired by mythology, Evergreen is an innovative take on classic elements, harnessing modern techniques to create a refined wardrobe fusing together modern style and vintage sensation. Denim is reimagined with pop-colored motifs to impart an effortless feel to the retro creations, where exquisite items are enriched with painterly gradient embroidery and lurex embroidery. In addition to new motifs and craftsmanship, materials and silhouettes are refreshed, lending an unstructured shape and extra comfort to the retro-modern style.


‘Seagull Rules the World’ in EVISUKURO, where the iconoclastic hybridization of styles draws inspirations from different sources. The signature monochrome palette is transformed into the softer, more versatile ‘BEYOND BLACK’ colour story with muted cream, grey and délavé violet. A contrast between plain fabrics and bold patterns puts an artistic spin on the collection, while bias cut disturbs the construction with fluid lines to accentuate the nonchalant undertone.


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