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Takes Street Lux by Storm

GLOBE TROTTER is the epitome of artisanal savoir-faire, with all luggage and travel accessories handcrafted in Hertford, England using traditional skills and machinery.One of the characteristics that sets GLOBE TROTTER apart from other luggage brands is its patented vulcanised fibreboard, which is exceptionally tough and resilient.
EVISU teams up with world-famous luxury luggage brand GLOBE TROTTER for a crossover suitcase, produced to a limited run of 100 globally. GLOBE TROTTER was founded in 1897 by David Nelken in Germany. The century-old luggage manufacturer was one of first of its kind to be granted the British royal warrant of appointment.
The EVISU x GLOBE TROTTER 20” Carry-on Trolley Case combines one of the classic styles of GLOBE TROTTER and printed canvas with street-inspired graffiti elements. Details such as EVISU’s logo, the iconic seagull, and the Ebisu motif add a playful spin to the design. The case is wrapped with a leather fastening strap to underline the vintage spirit of the premium luggage brand. Every detail is well thought out, such as the numbered tag and customised key.