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To energize the 30th anniversary of EVISU,
Edison and EVISU sit together again after the collaboration in 2012 and 2019.

EVISU has inspired Edison for years since he was a teenager. Edison called EVISU “the gem of denim”. Edison is unafraid to speak up and break rules. EVISU represents the vision of being free and rebellious. The shared DNA of EVISU and Edison allows this 30th anniversary capsule collection to expand outside of the confines of the status quo. EVISU Designed by Edison will be available on 9 January.

Edison thinks creativity comes naturally in everyday life and is within every moment we exist. For the past few years, he would go to Hawaii just to wind down and chill out. Seeing the rainbow there every day is almost like a blessing. To him, the rainbow is an universal image of calmness and harmony. It is a sign of unity and togetherness. Using the rainbow as the motif of this 30th anniversary capsule translates into a positive message -- we are all individuals with our own colors and creativity, but when coming together, we’re united as one beautiful image.
Rainbow Daicock Carrot Fit Jeans #2017

The carrot-fit selvedge denim jeans are based on the versatile 2017 fit. The signature “M” at the back is reworked with an eye-catching rainbow Daicock printed with ghosting effect. To mark this collaboration, the Tearing Godhead Batch embosses with an EDC signature exclusively.

Rainbow Seagull Denim Shirt

The signature “M” at the back is reworked with an eye-catching rainbow Daicock printed with ghosting effect. The shirt features a tribal element, frequently seen in Edison’s creation. The tribal-inspired pattern is used on the front pocket and back shoulder, matching with the rainbow seagull logo at the back, while the right hem is embellished by details such as tribal stitches and wooden beads.

Rainbow Godhead Patch Print T-Shirt

The iconic “quality guaranteed” pattern is printed on the t-shirt, with the same delusional 3D ghosting effect. Paying tribute to this collaboration, the exclusive EVISU Designed by Edison heritage tab is attached.

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