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AW21 Japanese Legend Collection

Inspire your look by Japanese Myth

The inspiration of the new AW21 Japanese Legend comes from traditional Japanese myths. With an exquisite craftmanship and large number of embroidery items, which brings a unique classic style this season.

God of Sea is the highlight of this season, and it is symbolized by “Dragon” showing the majestic side. There are two dragons in different shapes and colors, creating a Japanese style.

Phantom blue dragon

Cool blue with light gold color highlights the mysteriousness and gorgeousness of dragon

Dark grey golden dragon

The combination of grey and gold color shows the tremendous momentum of traditional Japanese paintings




Japanese elements, clouds and waves are added. Flames, which symbolize the dominance of dragon, while chrysanthemum symbolizes purity, nobility, longevity and wealth of Japanese royal family.

clouds flames CHRYSANTHEMUM Shop Now