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A Lunar New Year tradition curated by Japanese high fashion brand EVISU, the Chinese zodiac-inspired capsule collection has become the CNY staples for denim lovers. Building on the denim craze stirred by the Ox-themed capsule last year, EVISU rings in the Year of the Tiger with the latest limited-edition denim jackets and jeans, produced to the limited quantities of 400 and 500 respectively. Each exquisite piece is uniquely numbered on the golden leather patch, adding a one-of-a-kind collectible to your New Year wardrobe.
TIGER is the symbol of power and prestige. Rendered in a fusion of Japanese brocade and shading effects drawn from Japanese tattoos, the majestic beast storms into the collection as the main motif on the denim set. A symbol of fortune and affluence in Chinese traditional culture, the auspicious red, orange, yellow, white and gold palette heralds a year of hope and blessings.


The head of tiger rises up, which means promote to higher position
Meticulous lines showing a lively tiger
Tiger stands on a rock and it turns into gold, which shows he has the midas touch
Symbol of power and prestige, which solve all the difficulties
Different shades of gold showing an exquisite craftmanship


For the classic Daicock motif, with a trompe l’oeil twist that evokes the gradient hues of sunset. At the bottom comes the majestic tiger under a mighty waterfall overflown with gold coins and ingots; the enduring golden pine and cypress tree on a golden rock heralds a fruitful year to come.


On the jeans in the versatile and comfortable 2017 fit, the “虎” (tiger) character rendered in painterly brushstrokes comes to life thanks to the exquisite Japanese brocade embroidery. The ferocious feline, waterfalls, gold coins and ingots are once again featured to welcome a promising year ahead.


This edition comes with a luxurious gift box, crafted in wood and denim wrapping. Channeling the brand‘s spirit, the box features a laser die-cut of the EVISU logo, copper engraved seagull, and gold foiled graphics of Kamon. The gold foil print "TIGER" on the box creates a lunar year vibe. Accented by gold-foil printed Kamon, the inner part is made of denim for a premium touch.
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