Jeans Details

  • Hidden Rivets

    Hidden Rivets

    Using the more time consuming and complex “hidden rivets” technique, EVISU’s rivets will be less prone to scratches and dents. The corners of the pockets have used hidden stitches which is more difficult to produce comparing to the common ways. This feature could strengthen the seams, making the pockets more durable.

  • Matches pockets

    Matches pockets

    Also known as Coins or Watch Pouch. It is on the front right side of the jeans. Single stitches are found along the sides of the pockets. By folding the selvedges together (only limited to selvedge denim), the typical EVISU selvedge can be seen when viewing from the side.

  • Belt loops

    Belt loops

    Using a double stitch sewing machine, a typical EVISU belt loop shapes like a small pillow. After several wearing, the belt loop will start to get a special sheen resulted from the rubbing of the belt against it.

  • Size label

    Size label

    All EVISU size labels are stitched on top of the single stitch waistline. The first jeans normally avoid overlocked as this can increase the tenacity of the pair of jeans as well as reducing the amount of workload and materials needed for overlocking.

  • Selvedge


    This detail is the most representative of EVISU’s vintage jeans production method. The selvedge can be seen once the bottom of the pair of jeans is rolled up. Every pair of EVISU jeans is overlocked with double chain stitches.

  • Waistline


    Single seamed and V-shaped seams behind the placket could be found in all EVISU jeans. The single seamed waistline can best express the vintage quality of a pair of jeans. Moreover, the tip of the seams are skillfully folded hidden, a characteristic only to be found in the most sturdy and classy jeans.

  • Pockets


    Using the incredibly durable cotton of natural colors, the tidy and sturdy seams is sewed on for many rounds. On the right of the pocket is printed with “EVISU” as well as a unique pattern.

  • Back pocket

    Back pocket

    Half of the back pocket is covered with durable cotton of natural colors to prevent the fraying of the pocket after wearing. The gradual fading of the color of the jeans will allow the seams to become more easily to be seen. The bust area of the pair of jeans is stitched up using double-stich sewing machines to enhance its durability. All the threads are made from polyester core.

  • Splice


    The number of stitches along the splice is multiplied in order to prevent fraying. The production method relies greatly on the precision of the stitching as the convergence point has up to eight layers of denim.

  • Leather patch

    Leather patch

    A genuine leather patch will shrink after washing, becoming the famous “beef jerky” label. After the 50s, most jeans manufacturers use cardboard to replace the leather patch in the production of the label.

  • Stitched label

    Stitched label

    It is stitched on the waistline and behind it is the leather patch.

  • Printed patterns inside the waistline

    Printed patterns inside the waistline

    It is found in EVISU Heritage jeans and is a demonstration of excellent craftsmanship as well as the brand’s stylish character.