evisu rules

All our selvedge jeans are made under EVISU Rules

  • Rules #1

    EVISU jeans are made of selvedge denim, using authentic materials, vintage detailing and original methods at each stop in the production process; EVISU endorses this level of authenticity proud of the craftsmanship that goes into every single pair of jean.

  • Rules #2

    Made in the traditional vintage way on original shuttle looms. This produces a looser weave and rougher texture, allowing the wearing and washing of the jeans to develop its own unique look and feel. The unmistakable indigo colour is achieved by loop dying, where the yarns are dipped up to 30 times, giving the deep EVISU denim tones. It typically weighs from 12.2oz to 13.5oz.

  • Rules #4

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    • No.2 No.2
    • No.3D337 No.3D337
    • No.3D85 No.3D85

    EVISU denim is made on narrow shuttle looms. The thread goes back and forth so at the edges you see it going back around on itself, making a smooth edge. Modern looms, made to mass-produce denim, shoot each thread through individually repetitively, hence the fraying imitator use unattractive chain stitching to mimic the selvedge. EVISU selvedge is usually red and white, it denotes the true authenticity of the production process and hence the EVISU jeans.

  • Rules #5

    Helping distinguish between products and ranges, EVISU use unique buttons crafted from original designs e.g. the Victory Stud was originally used during World War II. The reef pattern symbolizes victory, hence "EVISU Victory Stud". The dent in the middle of the button was formed not for styling purposes but to save on resources during war time. The middle part was taken out and used to make bullets.

  • Rules #3

    EVISU uses specific thread thickness and colour according to part of the jeans, a faithful nod to the way the original workwear garments were constructed. Up to 9 different threads may be used on a pair of jeans, varying in tone between yellow and black.